I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak


This book follows a young man named Ed Kennedy whose life seems to be going nowhere at all. He is in love with a girl who won’t be more than his friend, lives with a smelly dog, and his mother and family doesn’t really care about him. His life is boring; he is either with his friends or driving people around in his cab. That is until one day a mysterious card shows up with directions.

The book is separated into four suits that mirror the four Aces Ed receives. With each Ace Ed is tested and pushed beyond his limits to aid those around him in ways he would never imagine and did things that he never thought he would do. This book is a story of growth and persistence it shows that anyone can do anything with their life as long as they try.

I personally found this book to be beautifully written. The plot is well constructed and elaborate. The ending is monumental and has a beautiful message (pun intended) that anyone can learn from. Markus Zusak has once again written a wonderful book. I rated it 4/5 stars, the reason it was not 5 stars is due to the fact that at times it was slow and I had to push through. I highly advice you read on and push through. As of right now has it rated at 4.10.

Favorite Quote: “In a sweet, cruel, beautiful moment of clarity, I smile”

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