The Kissing Sailor by Lawrence Verria


This book covered one of the most iconic photos taken at then end of WWII. Not only did it tell the story of the “nurse” and sailor it also discussed various other theories as to the identities of these two individuals.

I really like how the book started with a wonderful narrative about the childhood and how both came to be in New York on that day. Then it changes gears and becomes almost like a court case. This did not put me off. The author discusses the other theories and claims made by others who claim to be the nurse and sailor. Going through photo evidence, expert opinions, and timelines. It was handled very well. It did not sky away from looking at all possibilities.

I enjoyed this book, it allowed this iconic picture become almost more personal. It gave identities and lives to the nurse and sailor, it added an emotional connection that was lacking for me. I ended up giving it a 4/5 stars. The reason it was not a 5 star book was due to the book was a little slow at some parts since about half or a little more talks about the evidence presented in this book. Currently on GoodReads it has a 3.38 out of 91 ratings.

I find that this book would be best for people who really enjoy history and analyzing of sources. Additionally, those who are really interested in the story behind this photograph.

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