Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes


I read Falling Kingdoms with a book club in April 2016. Honestly, I would not have picked up this book if it were not for the book club. The reason for this is that as of late I have been moving away from YA books, the summary and other reviews I had read were all very positive and interesting.

This book is often described as the YA version of Game of Thrones and honestly this is not an over statement. It is very, very similar in a few ways. They follow different houses throughout the book, has many points of view, it mostly discusses war and love, and it takes place in a fantasy made up world. The author does not use the same characters, world, or anything along that manner, but it is very similar. There is a lot of conflict and a lot of surprise killings of characters you begin to love. Both of these are common in Game of Thrones.

I will say without comparing the two Falling Kingdoms is a very good book. It is a beautifully created world, although at times it seems that enough is not explained. They characters at least in the first book of this series seem very predictable, but still surprise you from time to time. This is a very well done first book in a series.

Honestly I do not see myself picking up the next book in this series any time soon, not because it isn’t book. The main reason is that I want to read other books more. I may pick it up down the line, but as I said I am moving away from YA. I ended up rating this book 4/5 starts. It currently sits at 3.86 out of 24,398 ratings, so not far off my own thoughts. If you like fantasy, conflict , and multiple perspectives I would say give this book a try.

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