Reading Challenges

2017 Goals!

Reading Challenge

  1. Give up on series/books I am not enjoying.

This one I know will be a bit difficult for me. I know, I know, how could it be hard to give up something you aren’t enjoying? Well, when I am reading things like this I always think it is going to turn around. In general I am an optimistic person so I always have hope. But, this year I don’t want to waste my precious reading time on books that just aren’t for me.

  1. Be a more critical reader/rater.

I have recently been looking over my goodreads account and I noticed a pattern. I rate book VERY highly. Half of the ones I rated really highly I can’t really tell you what they were about anymore. I mean chances are I did really enjoy it, but I am changing my rating system.

1- I actively did not enjoy this book in anyway.

2-Eh, was not for me but I can see the appeal other see in the book.

3-This was a good book, look into it.

4-I really, really enjoyed this book.

5-This book WILL stay with me.

  1. Get to 0 by 2018.

In the past I have had a very high TBR count, at the height it was nearly 123. My current pile is sitting at a very manageable 26 books. I never thought I would get it under 30 books, but I did it! I really want to get to the point where I can go pick up a book from the store/online/on my ereader and read it right away.

  1. Post a blog post at least twice a month.

I just really want to not abandon this little project.

  1. Organize my goodreads shelves (cough add me :p).

I’m not 100% sure how I want to do this. I currently have set up a fiction and non-fiction shelves. I want to make them a bit more specific, but I’m not sure what genres I want to put there. Any idea please share!

Sign Off

What are some of your book or bookish goals for 2017?

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8 thoughts on “2017 Goals!

  1. I also tend to push through books even though I’m really not enjoying them, and that is something I need to work on.
    Also I just wanted to say that your blog is lovely, and good luck with your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also have a problem with my Goodreads ratings. But I mostly give them three stars, even the ones that I didn’t really like. I always feel bad giving them one or two stars. Gotta work on that in the future. This year I decided to add some sentences to my reviews. Maybe that will help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so bad at writing out my feelings about books. I think it is because I need time to think about it, but I move on to the next book so fast I don’t give myself enough time to reflect. I guess I have another goal. =p Good luck with your goal!


  3. I have so much trouble giving up on books I’m not enjoying too. For some reason, I just feel bad if I don’t finish anything haha. It’s silly. Life’s too short to read stuff we don’t even really like! Good luck with your goals 🙂


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