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2016: Reading in Review


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4 thoughts on “2016: Reading in Review

    1. When I read non-fiction I always pick up something I want to learn more about or a person I am interested in learning about. Other wise I am totally uninterested and I put it down for good. This year for instance I wanted to know more about the War of 1812 because it was never really explained to me so I read about it. Non-fiction is really a personal preference. I would recommend doing two things. 1) Read reviews for the books you are thinking about reading. Some non-fiction can be written like a textbook (dry, boo!) others are more narrative based. Usually reviews will tell you. 2) Start off borrowing non-fiction until you get into a grove and find what type of non-fiction you like. This really helped me when I first got into it. Added bonus is no guilt for not enjoying or reading something you aren’t that into. Key to non-fiction is not to force it.

      I personally loved reading:



      Hope this helps!

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