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Katy’s Questions:

Favourite book-to-film adaptation?

I don’t really watch adaptations that much, but I did enjoy My Sisters Keeper quite a bit. There is also the entire Harry Potter series. Can’t forget them, but I wanted to mention something else.

What book do you want to be made into a TV show/film?

I think Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen would make a great movie or television show.

If you were to write a book, what do you think your main character would be called?

Aria – I love this name so much. Last name, no idea.

What are three songs you adore and why?

As of late, I have not listened to music with words in it. I have been listening to a lot of classical and Dance music. I know all over the place. I just love the feelings that both of these types of music give me. They can keep you calm, make you excited, and so much more.

Do you play video games? What are a couple of your favourites?

I do, but not as much as I once did. A few of my favorites are Lego Hobbit, Sims, Forza Horizon 2, and World of Warcraft.

What book would you like to play through as a video game?

The Hobbit… I have played it and it was so much fun!

What is your favourite Disney film?

Oh this one is hard, The Lion King I would have to go with.

What three book characters would you like to have lunch with?

Death from the Book Thief (narrator, I know),  Bilbo Baggings from the Hobbit, and Abraham Lincoln from the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. All would have great stories to share, but also lessons to share as well.

If you were to get a book related tattoo, what would you get?

Something Harry Potter related. I know, I know original. But, I would get something related to it mainly because it was something that bought be great joy as a child and an adult. A tattoo lasts forever, I would want a book that have been one of my favorites for the longest span of time.

What’s your favourite breakfast food?

I always have egg and an english muffin, but if I am having a treat I have a breakfast sandwich with a whole grain everything bagel, egg, sausage, and cheese.

My Questions:

  1. What/who got you into reading?
  2. Your current favorite book?
  3. What popular book do you just hate?
  4. How many bookshelf/bookshelves do you own?
  5. Goodreads challenge/reading goal for this year?
  6. Book/s that made you scared?
  7. What is your favorite book series?
  8. If would could change any book what book would it be and how?
  9. What movie/television show has done a book justice?
  10. Where do you like to read?
  11. Do you refer standalone books or series?

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Have fun!

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