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Bookstagrammers I am Loving

Since last week I talked about my reflections upon my own bookstagram I decided this week to share some of my favorites in no particular order. Also, please share some of your favorites in the comments! I am always looking for new people to follow.

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7 thoughts on “Bookstagrammers I am Loving

  1. I’d definitely reccomend @a_bit_bookish, @prettygeekery, @jessycamber @applereads, @nils_shukla and @chasing_false_projections. They are great, and nice people, too!


  2. I definitely recommend @jessislibrary @peacelovebooksxo who also has a YouTube channel called Peace Love Books @bookishlove there are just so many I could go on and on and on lol. Also thank you so much for the shout out to my Instagram that means so much to me.


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