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Decluttering | Workout Clothing


I don’t know about you, but over the years I have collected a full drawer of workout clothes. I personally go through workout phases. I go from walking, workout videos, going to the gym, to running outside. Through the years I have realized that the gym is not really for me and don’t need all of the “coolest” workout gear to have a good workout.  So for my first category I am going to go through for my  KonMari experiment is my workout clothing. Here goes nothing!




I have to say the most irritating part of this was realizing I had forgotten about half of the workout clothing I own. Even though I was so irritated with myself for not knowing the things I owned, just in this small category, it felt good to go through them. I now know what I have and know that I will be comfortable and joyful while wearing it. I also am happy that I am able to donate a lot of this clothing to a local charity so it will no longer sit in the bottom of my drawer unused and forgotten.

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