REVIEW | Coloring with Thread by Tula Pink

Book Review18302455*I received this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*


Color a Whimsical World with Needle & Thread!

There is no name more closely linked to ornate and fanciful fabric designs than Tula Pink. Sewists and quilters have long delighted in using her fabric to create whimsical sewn creations. Now hand embroiderers, too, can join the fun and stitch her signature designs with needle and thread!
In Coloring with Thread, you’ll find 17 of Tula’s animal and floral designs from her best-selling fabric collections rendered and primed for hand embroidery. Step-by-step stitch instructions for over 20 embroidery stitches are included to help you bring adorable bunnies, chipmunks, octopi, and elephants to life right in your hands. Each motif features a color guide and thread color suggestions selected by Tula herself to ensure a gorgeous finished design. Plus, you’ll find every motif on CD-ROM, where they are ready to size and print for your individual project needs.
Whether you follow her color guides or make each design your own, you’ll love coloring with thread and stitching the whimsical world of Tula Pink!

What I Liked

The designs in this book really make this craft seem more fresh and modern. Every time I go to a craft store to try to find patterns I can only find ones that really would be better suited for my grandmother and her friends. Most are not relevant or just out of date. These are quite the opposite. I love the bold colors and are very in touch with modern and current trends. This is something I am very appreciative of. These patterns/stencils are something I would be happy to display.
Another great positive to this book it that it lists all of the colors that are used in the project if you want to recreate it. I have used a few online templates and I would go with a photo to the store and try to best match the color, but often I was always a little bit off. Additionally, I like how they list all of the stiches that are necessary to complete the project. I think this is great because you can either skip a project if you are uncomfortable with a particular stitch or until you have practiced it enough to feel comfortable. When they list the stich they also have the page number listed where you can see the diagram of the stitch.

What I Didn’t Like

While I loved that this book showed the diagrams of the stiches. I personally would have liked to see actual photos of the stiches. To see where the needle should be sitting in the thread if it needs to go through like a split stitch. Also some of them need a bit more of an explanation for me such as the Basket stich. But, all of this could be remedied with a quick search on the Internet. So it isn’t much of a big deal.

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely adore this book. When this book is released I am going to be going to be ordering it right away. Like I said previously this is one of the most trend conscious embroidery pattern collection I have come across. This book takes this “dated” and makes if more modern. I can create something I am happy to display and even gift to others. I also think that this is a great introduction to embroidery. It explains a lot of the basics and the images are crisp and clear. In some areas they even zoom in on the finished product so you can see the detail. Even if you are someone who had made a few pillow cases or decorations this book would be a great addition to your collection. It brings something new and excited to a classic craft.

Book Information

Publisher: Fons & Porter

Publication Date: December 20th 2017

List Price: $21.99

ISBN: 9781440248115

Pages: 96 pages

*I received this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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