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*I received this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*


You will meet people in your lifetime who demand to have poems written about them. It’s not something they say. It’s something about their hands, the shape of their mouths, the way they look walking away from you. Honeybee is an honest take on walking away and still feeling like you were walked away from. It’s about cutting love loose like a kite string and praying the wind has the decency to carry it away from you. It’s an ode to the back and forth, the process of letting something go but not knowing where to put it down. Honeybee is putting it down. It’s small town girls and plane tickets, a taste of tenderness and honey, the bandage on the bee sting. It’s a reminder that you are not defined by the people you walk away from or the people who walk away from you. Consider Honeybee a memoir in verse, or at the very least, a story written by one of today’s most confessional poets.

What I Liked

This poetry collection is filled to the brim with emotion. Every poem you can see that Trista Mateer is writing from her heart and it is beautiful. Even though her words are beautiful and they are both filled with pure joy and deep sadness. You can feel the ebb and flow of her emotions even when the poem is a mere line or two. For me this is a must when I am reading a poetry collection. Another must for me is that I am forced to stop and think. A poem needs to invoke reflection and some type of thought. This could be internal or just thinking about what the author who penned the work truly went through. Honeybee achieved this as well.
Another thing I liked was the fact that this collection had a story to tell. It wasn’t a bunch of one off poems thrown together and sold as a book. Each poem has it’s well deserved placed in this book. Each one is essential in telling Mateers story and I am so happy that she told the story that she did.

What I Didn’t Like

One thing I did not enjoy was the fact that at times I felt so disconnected from the author. Now stay with me I know this sounds weird. Even though I was able to feel her emotions and I really empathized with her. I have had heartbreak in my life and do love someone very much. I just never myself have felt hear break this deep and this emotional. So I personally had a heard time connecting a hundred percent. But that in no way means that this is a bad collection or to say that you wont connect with her a hundred percent. This is something that is personal. That is what I love about poetry, it is so personal of an experience and each person will experience it differently.

Overall Thoughts

Honeybee is a wonderful collection. I felt rage, sadness, and happiness within the short 160 pages. That is something difficult to do, but it has been done here. The words are beautiful and are accompanied by cute illustrations and little tidbits that increase the enjoyment tremendously. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading poetry dealing with relationships, intense emotion, and loves to hear a heart-wrenching story.

Book Information

Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing

Publication Date: May 1st 2018

List Price: $12.95

ISBN: 9781771681360

Pages: 160

*I received this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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