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Revisiting | Read 5, Buy 1 Challenge

revisitingSo not that long ago I shared my Lets Talk | My Read 5, Buy 1 Challenge and I wanted to update you guys on the progress. While you can see my reading habits from A Week in Review posts, but I don’t really posts hauls anymore because I don’t buy many books. So I figured this is my haul of sorts.


While I said I was in the mood for a new adult book, I ended up opting for a very different type of book. This year I have found a new author I have been loving and that is  Shirley Jackson. Since reading A Haunting at Hill House I have been wanting more, so I ended up getting The Bird’s Nest.


The Bird’s Nest by Shirley Jackson

The Bird's Nest

Description: “Elizabeth Richmond is almost too quiet to be believed, with no friends, no parents, and a job that leaves her strangely unnoticed. But soon she starts to behave in ways she can neither control nor understand, to the increasing horror of her doctor, and the humiliation of her self-centred aunt. As a tormented Elizabeth becomes two people, then three, then four, each wilder and more wicked than the last, a battle of wills threatens to destroy the girl and all who surround her. The Bird’s Nest is a macabre journey into who we are, and how close we sometimes come to the brink of madness.” – goodreads.com

While this content is something in the description alone has me interested, I know there will be more to the story. Jackson has a way of creating an atmosphere of creating a world that just makes you feel as the characters, so I am very excited. Having read a another book of hers and knowing how that book ended up playing out so differently than I thought my imagination is going all over the place with the possibilities. I am very happy with my choice.

DividerWhat was the most recent book you have acquired?


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17 thoughts on “Revisiting | Read 5, Buy 1 Challenge

  1. I bought way too many books lately to narrow it down to one recent purchase but I’m most excited about Where’d You Go Bernadette? I’ve seen it everywhere! But ALSO wanted to say that Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle is my favorite book, probably ever! I definitely recommend picking that one up around Halloween 😊


    1. I too have heard a lot about that book, but I have yet to read it. I hope you end up liking it!

      I have it on my wishlist to check out, it sounds really interesting and with a lot of potential in my eyes. Glad to hear you like it so much.


  2. Jackson has some really good stories and novels! I have read The Lottery and We Have Always Live in Castles! I really like those books, but I couldn’t finish the audiobook haha I hope you like the read!

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  3. I love that kind of post! So much more original and unique xx

    The bird’s nest look so good, i need to add it to my forever long tbr pronto! I actually havent bought any books since february ithink? 🤔 though I did visited our book store twice with my boyfriend – really really thought of getting a Ruth Ware’s in french but.. that « to be reviewed » list is just too long for my taste 😪 need to pass them first.. so they can wait..

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