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Bullet Journal | October 2018


This month I was a bit more relaxed with my spreads and my theme. Normally I pick one and just stick to it, but this time I decided to not be as strict with myself and just doodle what I pleased. I really love how it turned out and I love how effect the spreads are this time around. I did end up leaving off a few spreads that I have been using such as a sleep tracker because I realized that I wasn’t really keeping up with them anymore.

Supplies I Used

Tombow 0912, 992, 098, 977, 993, 946

Pigma Micron 05 & 01

Pentel Mechanical Pencil


Stickers from SunShineStickerCoFourCatStickerCo, and frannielambstickers 


My Spreads!

This month I felt like my dashboard should be a doodlefest and I loved very min. of creating this. It was fun to just take some me time and doodle instead of picking just one or two items to focus on. What came out is something I am happy to look at often. It mixes fall and halloween, candy and vegetables, and other seasonal treats.

This is my monthly calendar page, I normally add in my buddy reads, due dates, and other things I need to put into my weekly spreads later in the month. I love the way this spread looks now. I used to jam it into one page and I didn’t really have a ton of space to add things in so I would abandon it. Now that it is larger I use it all the time. Also, I wanted to add that I got the days of the weeks headers from an etsy shop called SunShineStickerCo and the month name stickers are from FourCatStickerCo. I am never good with calligraphy so I wanted to get some stickers to make my bullet journal less messy. So far I am loving them so much.

Here are two spreads which I do every month, monthly overview and to be read. My monthly overview is just the blog posts I plan on writing or I have already written and my TBR is the books I plan on reading, but I also add some books in if I end up starting to read them. At this point you can see I finished reading Salem’s Witch House and I started East of Eden.

Here are my more fun bookish trackers. On the left is a book stack of 12 books where I write in the title of a book and color when I have finished one. I love this visual tracker and I love how it gets more colorful as the month goes on. On the right are the books I am planning on reading or have started to read broken up into chapters. As you can see I finished all of Salem’s Witch House and I read 3 chapters of East of Eden.

I wanted to give you guys a little peak into my weekly spreads, I know you can’t see too much but I am breaking my weeks into 6 sections. Each day of the week has their own devoted box and the weekend has one as well. I have really been loving these for to do lists and appointments. I also like having the stickers for my daily chore there as well. These stickers are from frannielambstickers. These are great as well.

Also, it would not be blogoween without some preplanning for my posts. Because I am writing this much content I am not really posting or coming up with blog post ideas on a whim. So I wrote down a weeks worth of prompts and I am preplanning a bit. Now you may notice that I never posted the prompt for the first, that is because I decided to post my TBR that day.


What theme do you have this month?


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5 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | October 2018

  1. I love your bullet journal, it’s making me want to have my own, but I’m totally not creative enough or dedicated enough to having my own, haha. I love how you track your books, it’s such a fun, creative way of keeping track and seeing the progress you make with a book each month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kelly! The beauty about of bullet journal is that they can be as simple or complex as you want them. I started off really simple so I got into the groove of it then started adding. Also, printing quotes and premade layouts is a bit help too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So pretty! I have recently become obsessed with bullet journals, but have no idea what to put in mine. I can’t draw very well so idrk. I LOVE your bookish tracker, is that by page? Also, I am curious as to how you plan your TBR or ARC’s, especially when the dates change. Someone told me to use sticky notes. Bullet journals are so pretty. I am learning how to do faux calligraphy/real calligraphy and I’m actually pretty decent at it and I find it so relaxing. I never knew what people used habit trackers for, but your bullet journal seems much more like something I would have/use mine like.


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