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Decluttering | Switching to Ebooks


So, in the past I have written quite a bit on decluttering and finding balance in my life. You can find some of those posts here, decluttering. I have done many book unhauls and I have gone through quite a bit of my belongings. But, there is one thing I always have difficulty with keeping organized and a bay, my books.

While I know there is quite a bit of talk around books and Marie Kondo, much of it being misquotes and unfair towards her in my option.  Anyway, this is a method I have used to get my life organized and it has helped me quite a bit. Anyway, I digress. Books are still an area I have trouble with, an area I spend a ton of money on. I want to change this.

I currently have 3 bookshelves that are filled with books stuffed all over the place. I don’t feel joy when I look at it, in fact I feel as though I am doing the books a disservice. They look uncared for and unloved, which is far from the truth. Forty of these books are unread, the rest have been read and have found a place in my heart where I can’t currently part with them. Here is the problem, at this point all of the books I own I love and want to keep, but I have no room.

To rectify this I have decided to try and make the switch to ebooks. I already own a kindle, the most basic one, it would not cost me anymore money to make the switch. While I do use it from time to time, I do overall enjoy using it. It is light and I can carry it around with me without worrying about it becoming bent or ripped.

While I know this decision might be controversial to some, I too love reading a physical book. But, it is the best route that I can think of for my own personal journey. I feel like I am not giving my books justice and that just isn’t how I want to feel.


What do you think about ebooks? Do you read off an ereader?


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16 thoughts on “Decluttering | Switching to Ebooks

  1. I like reading ebooks a lot. If you want to make the switch, go for it. I kind of wish there was a way to trade books in, kind of like how Vudu has a disc to digital program where you can pay a lower price if you have a physical dvd to get a digital copy.

    Going forward, though, I think this will save you a lot of space, money, and increase your peace of mind. Keep an eye on your Kindle emails because they may send you sales emails with $1.99 or so deals.

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    1. That would be amazing if they did something like that with books.

      I get like 3 emails a day from different websites about ebook deals. If one I own already in a hard copy and I need to read I end up getting it so I can part with the physical.

      Thanks for the support and sharing how you really enjoy reading ebooks.

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      1. You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’ve got a hard time parting with my hard copies, even if I do own the e-books. I think it depends on whether I find the physical copies aesthetically pleasing as well because then they serve that purpose as well.

        E-books also have the benefit of being able to take notes and they never fall out like a post it might.

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  2. I say that if you feel ebooks would work the best for you, go for it! I have so many physical books, and I love them and want to keep most of them forever, but recently I’ve started reading on my kindle a lot more. I love that I don’t have to worry about my bag being heavy because I want extra books in case I finish the one I’m currently reading, and a lot ebooks are pretty cheap/it’s easy to get stuff from the library!

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    1. Thanks for the support with the change. I can relate to finishing a book on the go and having a lot of time to keep reading, but not having anything because I was carrying around a book.


  3. I exclusively read ebooks now. Once upon a time I was one of those people who waved off ebooks with a never!
    But part of the reason I switched was because I knew I’d be moving soon and wouldn’t have a place for my hundreds of books and honestly I haven’t looked back.

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    1. unfortunately ebooks are not necessarily eco friendly. You need to buy a large amount of books for that to actually even out with books since production of computers and other tablets produce green house gasses. You also cannot get ebooks second hand like you can physical books. It is only eco friendly if you are a particular type of reader.

      Here is a pretty good article that does into detail and sites sources. You would need to read 22.5 books a year just to break even and that is without taking into the affect of emissions from the companies that produce the ebooks themselves.

      But, I do like your thinking, any little bit can help. https://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/are-reading-ebooks-on-e-readers-environmentally-friendly


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