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TagTimel12:17If you have not noticed, I am finally catching up on a bunch of tags I have been slacking on. This weeks tag is a fun one and I was really happy to get tagged by Meeghan over at Meeghan Reads. I really love this tag because it is so different for each person who does it.


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My Good Reading Habits

DNFing Books

As I have learned that if I am not enjoying a book I need to put it aside. If I force myself to read something that is not my cup of tea I will either read it very slowly, get into a reading slump, or I will justify end up not liking everything. It kind of ruins my reading mood in general. So, I have realized it is okay to DNF a book, I can always try again in the future if I feel the need to.

Setting Realistic Reading Goals

While goals are important, I have to say that making them realistic is important. I try to make my reading goals difficult, but always achievable when I put in effort. You can see my most recent reading goals here: Reading & Blog Goals | 2019 First Quarter Check In.

Setting Reading Time Aside

I always my a point to set time aside almost every day if not every day to read. I know for me, making this a priority really helps me relax at the end of the day or after a really stressful event or day.

Using the Library

I use my local library at least a few times a month. I think it is really important to support them as well. Due to the fact that I read so much I support them by donating books when they accept them as well as buying books from the library sale. I also do my best to help them during fund raisers.

I Tag:

Read by Tiffany

Travel in Retrospect

Thrifty Bibliophile

Bookish Kimberly

Northern Plunder

And anyone who wants to jump in!

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19 thoughts on “Tag | My Good Reading Habits

  1. I used to feel so bad about DNFing a book, I felt like it made me not a ‘real book lover’ but I’ve come to realise some books just can’t please everyone! It’s okay to have a book that’s not to your taste! I wish I’d had realised this earlier as I’ve read through many books I otherwise definitely wouldn’t have hahah


  2. Yay, I love this tag! 😃 I feel like book bloggers are always focusing on their BAD reading habits and what they’re “doing wrong”, so it’s great to see people spreading the positivity by doing the opposite! Great post! ❤❤❤

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  3. Love this tag! These are definitely great reading habits! I totally agree with you on DNFing books. There are so many other books I know I want to read, that if I’m not enjoying something, it’s so much easier to just put it aside and read something else before I get in a slump.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it Victoria! I am glad to see you feel the same way about DNFing, I know I have put myself in a few slumps before realizing that I don’t HAVE to finish the book.


  4. I’m definitely the same as you with all of these!! I fully utilize my library, especially via Overdrive to get access to digital books. I also pretty good at setting aside time to read while still being realistic with my goals. I still need to improve on DNF-ing books more because we shouldn’t force ourselves to finish books if we’re not enjoying them. Thank you for tagging me!

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