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TagTimel12:17If you have not noticed, I am finally catching up on a bunch of tags I have been slacking on. This weeks tag is a fun one and I was really happy to get tagged by Meeghan over at Meeghan Reads. I really love this tag because it is so different for each person who does it.


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My Good Reading Habits

DNFing Books

As I have learned that if I am not enjoying a book I need to put it aside. If I force myself to read something that is not my cup of tea I will either read it very slowly, get into a reading slump, or I will justify end up not liking everything. It kind of ruins my reading mood in general. So, I have realized it is okay to DNF a book, I can always try again in the future if I feel the need to.

Setting Realistic Reading Goals

While goals are important, I have to say that making them realistic is important. I try to make my reading goals difficult, but always achievable when I put in effort. You can see my most recent reading goals here: Reading & Blog Goals | 2019 First Quarter Check In.

Setting Reading Time Aside

I always my a point to set time aside almost every day if not every day to read. I know for me, making this a priority really helps me relax at the end of the day or after a really stressful event or day.

Using the Library

I use my local library at least a few times a month. I think it is really important to support them as well. Due to the fact that I read so much I support them by donating books when they accept them as well as buying books from the library sale. I also do my best to help them during fund raisers.

I Tag:

Read by Tiffany

Travel in Retrospect

Thrifty Bibliophile

Bookish Kimberly

Northern Plunder

And anyone who wants to jump in!

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19 thoughts on “Tag | My Good Reading Habits

  1. I used to feel so bad about DNFing a book, I felt like it made me not a ‘real book lover’ but I’ve come to realise some books just can’t please everyone! It’s okay to have a book that’s not to your taste! I wish I’d had realised this earlier as I’ve read through many books I otherwise definitely wouldn’t have hahah


  2. Love this tag! These are definitely great reading habits! I totally agree with you on DNFing books. There are so many other books I know I want to read, that if I’m not enjoying something, it’s so much easier to just put it aside and read something else before I get in a slump.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it Victoria! I am glad to see you feel the same way about DNFing, I know I have put myself in a few slumps before realizing that I don’t HAVE to finish the book.


  3. I’m definitely the same as you with all of these!! I fully utilize my library, especially via Overdrive to get access to digital books. I also pretty good at setting aside time to read while still being realistic with my goals. I still need to improve on DNF-ing books more because we shouldn’t force ourselves to finish books if we’re not enjoying them. Thank you for tagging me!

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