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Bullet Journal | July 2019


Hello again! Welcome to my monthly peek into my bullet journal. This month, much like last month I took a lot of inspiration from Plant Based Bride over on youtube and her blog, http://plantbasedbride.com. I took her theme and quote and then added in my own style to it and my spreads that work from me. If you have never seen her stuff before, I suggest taking a look. She is very talented.

First off I loved her use of peaches for July, I know I am eating a ton of fruit this time of year so I loved this. I drew her images on my into page and then used my stamps for the month. I also decided to keep my spreads mainly monotone, but with a splash of peach. Which, you can see on my calendar overview.

I absolutely loved this quote that she used this month, so I decided to add it to mine as well. If I am not mistaken it is a quote from Dita Von Teese. I changed the font to just my hand writing and added in a little pop of color instead of going all out with the coloring. In the past I have noticed when I add color I tend to ruin my spreads by over doing it. I really loved this new social media calendar that I tried last month so I added it again. I wish I had used this spread sooner to track by blog and insta posts.

Next is my much loved book tracker. I have used this tracker through two different bullet journals and I am going to keep it for a long while I think. It is just really satisfying to see how long it takes to read a book and how often I actually read.

Here is my TBR for the month of July. You may have seen my TBR post, if you have you will notice I added another book in there. Since I loved Good Omens so much when I read it last month I wanted to read more works by Terry Pratchett so on the guidance of quite a few people I decided to start with Mort.

Last, but the most useful to me on a daily basis would be my weekly spreads. At this time I have not added the hours in the little squares on the left side of the day because my schedule has recently changed and I need to find a new balance with that.

What Bujo spread is the most used by you?

Do you track your reading outside of goodreads?


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15 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | July 2019

  1. This looks so good! I’ve recently started a bujo and this has give me so many ideas! It’s helping me being very productive and I’m a sucker for tracking things😂

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    1. Oh, that is great. I hope you have a bunch of fun with it. I know mine has changed a lot since I have gone through 7 or 8 notebooks already. It is fun to look back and see how much your needs and life change and how it evolves overtime. Have fun with it!

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  2. I really need to get back into bullet journalling! Honestly, I love that quote as well and it’s so trueee


      1. Pratchett is HILARIOUS. Do you know which one you’ll read next? I think Soul Music is next in the Death series… Or there’s Wyrd Sisters if you’re keen on trying a Witch one!! (They’re my fave of them all, with Death a close second)

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      2. He really is, I wish I found his works sooner. According to the chart I have I am reading Mort then Reaper Man, Soul Soul Music, Hogfather, Thief of Time and then The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. I am going to read all the death ones and then see which “mini series” I am feeling next. I have heard the witches ones are great too.

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      3. Of course!! I forgot about Reaper Man… My books are all out of order since the move, but I did manage to collect all the Pratchett’s and put them on one shelf yesterday.

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      4. Oh, that sounds lovely! I love when I can fill a shelf with an authors work. I think I can only do that with HP and Stephens Kings works at this time. A few are close to filling a shelf though. But yeah, moving always puts things. out of sorts for a while.

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