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Read 5, Buy 1 | June 2019

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Hello and welcome to another kind of blog post series I am adding to my blog. Nearly a year ago I shared by Read 5, Buy 1 Challenge, you can find that here: Lets Talk | My Read 5, Buy 1 Challenge. In this post I explain how I challenge myself when I feel that my Owned TBR has gotten a bit out of hand. Well, This past month with Book Con I decided that having nearly 50 books at one point was way to high for me to be comfortable with. So, I decided to reinstate the Read 5, Buy 1 Challenge. In the linked post it goes into detail of what it is and what it entails, but I will give you a little summary.

Pretty much for every 5 books you read, you get to buy 1 book. No book buying bans needed with this, but it does help you cull your TBR and get it under control. I have used it quite a few times over the year. My last run of it I got my TBR down to the high teens, which is within my happy place of owned TBR. Anyway, each month I am going to give a little summary of how it is going and share the books I read and the book I bought.



Since I started this in the middle of the month I only have one book hauled through this challenge. Now, I need to get reading so I can get my TBR down and buy some books! Any questions about this challenge I am happy to answer.

Divider 2What does your TBR look like?

Have you ever done a book buying ban?


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23 thoughts on “Read 5, Buy 1 | June 2019

  1. My book buying ban was kinda unintentional! I moved abroad, and was just not able to move books back home, so just decided to barely buy any! I think in the whole school year I bough 15 books, while I read way more!
    Which means my physical TBR now consist of like 3 unread books haha (my ereader definitely contains more!)


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    1. Wow, 3 books is amazing! I am looking to get to around 15-10 books as my end goal. I don’t even count the books on my ereader if I get them for free. Mainly because they are back up books and they are kinda random.

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  2. I had to force myself into a digital book buying ban; I was buying so many e-books just because they were cheap, that I probably could have spent buying 5 hardcovers from Book Depository! I will certainly try this method in the future
    -Emma 🙂

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    1. Oh, I am glad you find this to be interesting and might give it a go. Ebooks can certainly be tricky when you find them on sale or for free. I only add ebooks to my TBR count if I pay for them at all. I have downloaded free ones from Amazon First, mainly to have as an “emergency” read.

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    1. I am really happy you are in a place where you can buy more as you please. When I was in Uni I know I was lucky if I could afford a book or so a month. I went to a lot of used bookstores.

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      1. We did, too. But even then, I really didn’t have a place for them. I think we still have boxes of books in our garage. Now I have 6 full book cases with another to put up when I can find the room. It’s so nice.

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  3. Book Buying Bans do not work for me at all but lately I have done a plan for myself to not buy any more books if it’s not a highly anticipated (and I mean HIGHLY) or a sequel for a series I love which is non at the moment and it works quite Well. I still have 61 unread books but it was 80 when I started

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  4. Love seeing read 5 buy 1 updates! I’m currently trying to do this type of book ban but it isn’t working out as well right now because I just came back from vacation where I bought a few books lol. Can’t wait to see more updates!

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    1. I am glad you enjoy seeing the updates! I figure it would be a fun way to keep me accountable, but also show the books that I end up buying. Oh, when I go on vacation I may pause this, but I don’t think I will be around a bookstore so we shall see. What books did you end up picking up?


      1. I picked up From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata! I heard really good things about her writing so I just went with it! I also picked up a physical copy of Waiting for Tom Hanks, which I really enjoyed.

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      2. I keep seeing Waiting for Tom Hanks in my bookstore, glad to hear you liked it. I might have to look it up to find out more about it. I have not read anything by Mariana Zapata, what type of books does she write?


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