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Let’s Talk | Things I Want to Track in 2020


Hello and welcome to this little self talk and discussion. Over the year I have been become a bit more interesting in data revolving around my reading habits. I don’t what the reason behind it, but I feel like it would really show an interesting picture.

I know that goodreads keeps track of a lot of information such as how many books I’v read, book ratings by year, pages read etc. But, this is a mainly an end of the year event. I would really like to see if there are patterns for particular months. So, this is where this post comes in.

While I do really appreciate all the data goodreads keeps for me, I am interested in data that is not collected in a manner easily accessed. While you pick the editions you read of particular books, there is no way to look back at the year and see I have read this many ebooks, this many hard covers and so on. You also don’t have easy access to seeing the books you DNF, unless you count a book as read and put it on a shelf, which messes up my other stats. So, here comes my handy dandy notebook. Yes, I did just make a Blues Clues reference. I regret it already. lol.

Next year I would really like to track the following things on a monthly basis. If a book is fiction/nonfiction, while I know I read a wide array of genres, I would like to make this to be general so I am not overwhelming myself. While I know I read each of these each month, I don’t really track it too much and I would like more insight. Following that I would also like to track general stats like how many books of each rating, pages per month, library or owned. On top of keeping track of the format and how many I DNF over a year as I noted earlier.

I know a few blogs I follow do this, this is not all, but the ones I saw the most recently, are Read With Allison and Jordyn Roesler and I really love how they do this, but I really want to make this more conducive to my reading and my blogging style. So, I have another month to figure this out, but if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

What stats do you keep track of?

Do you track outside of goodreads or only goodreads?


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19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | Things I Want to Track in 2020

    1. I LOVE Trello, I use it for work, home, and blogging. It’s really nice I can wither put everyone on one board or keep each independent. I hope you like it as much as I do. There are great tutorials online that really helped, there is a bit of a learning curve.

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  1. Every year I try and keep track of things, but stop at some point, and then it is so much effort to go back ahha! I do want to try again, but I have to think about what things. I’m thinking genre, male/female, age group etc.


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    1. I was using a spreadsheet and it was a pain honestly, I stopped about halfway through the year. I am planning on just putting it in my bullet journal and using tally marks. Nice and simple otherwise I will not keep with it. Those are all good things to keep track of, male/female would be interesting to look at. I hope you have better luck tracking next year!

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      1. I wanted to get one for last year but I found out about them to late. I’ve been so excited to try it. I’m not artistic so I like that everything pretty much done for you all you have to do is fill it in. Also the pages she includes are pretty much what I include in my Leuchtturm journal but hers looks so much better. I might have to do a few pages myself but it’s great that she includes spaces for you to be able to do that.

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      2. Thanks me too!! It was a little expensive but I think it’s going to be well worth worth it. If it is it might end up being my go to journal every year from here on as long as she continues to make them.

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