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Crochet Talk | January 2020

Crochet Talk

Hello and welcome to a non-bookish post. Having had my Operation Find Hobby Series, I found a hobby I love and I want to continue to share with everyone here. I have decided to post once a month to update you all on the projects I have finished and the ones I am working on. I know it is something different, but I love sharing these parts of my life as well and I hope you enjoy looking and reading my updates. Now, onto my current projects!

The first one is a temperature blanket I have been working on since July 2019. Pretty much each day I pick a color yarn to complete a row of the blanket. This color is determined by the temperature of the day of my location. I first mentioned this project in my post: Crochet Projects | July 2019. Here is its current state.

This second one is a swatch for a baby blanket I might me making. I think I am just going to continue this swatch and make it into a baby blanket, this pattern is created by Daisy Craft Farms, it is called the Navy Gingham Crochet Blanket Pattern. They also have a youtube channel under the same name as their shop with a lot of fun tutorials and helpful tips. Anyway, here is the swatch and possible scarf.

Do you crochet?

Do you have any other hobby outside of reading? I would love for you to share, I love trying new things!

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20 thoughts on “Crochet Talk | January 2020

    1. When I first tried years ago I was AWFUL! I tried again a year or two ago and with keeping with it I have gotten a lot better. I have an IT puzzle sitting in a box for the same reason. I wish puzzles were smaller sometimes.

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    1. Thanks so much! Crochet was very difficult to learn, but when it finally clicked it clicked for me. I used to knit as well, now I just do this. I feel like I can make more types of things, like stuffed animals more easily in crochet. But, it took a ton of practice. Took me forever to understand a pattern. 😂

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  1. Ahhh I love it! I crochet all the time and make so many different things. I recently learned how to make amigurumi and I’m obsessed. Constantly looking for cool patterns to try out and always making something new. I enjoy it more than I enjoyed making blankets scarves and hats. Dont get me wrong I loved doing that too but I feel like I found my crochet nitche and now I want to learn how to create my own patterns

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  2. I also love to crochet! I wish I could read at the same time though (I tried and I can but it slows me right down!). I listen to audiobooks when I crochet which is great but sometimes I just want to read from an actual book too.


  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! My mom is so creative and talented, and Bless Her Heart, she is patiently trying to teach me how to crochet! This is where everyone in the family laughs, because I do not sew. My husband does all his patch work on his clothes when needed. Your work is Amazing! :)Jen

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  4. I love to crochet too, I sometimes have something going that I work on bit by bit, or I get right into again when I have time. Which seems like now with the COVID situation! I love your swatch for the blanket!

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      1. Roses sound just lovely. I have not made flowers yet, I want to give them a go in the future. I have been wanting to try to crochet a mask too. I have sewn a few, but ran out of materials. What pattern did you use?

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