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Crochet Talk | January 2020

Crochet Talk

Hello and welcome to a non-bookish post. Having had my Operation Find Hobby Series, I found a hobby I love and I want to continue to share with everyone here. I have decided to post once a month to update you all on the projects I have finished and the ones I am working on. I know it is something different, but I love sharing these parts of my life as well and I hope you enjoy looking and reading my updates. Now, onto my current projects!

The first one is a temperature blanket I have been working on since July 2019. Pretty much each day I pick a color yarn to complete a row of the blanket. This color is determined by the temperature of the day of my location. I first mentioned this project in my post: Crochet Projects | July 2019. Here is its current state.

This second one is a swatch for a baby blanket I might me making. I think I am just going to continue this swatch and make it into a baby blanket, this pattern is created by Daisy Craft Farms, it is called the Navy Gingham Crochet Blanket Pattern. They also have a youtube channel under the same name as their shop with a lot of fun tutorials and helpful tips. Anyway, here is the swatch and possible scarf.

Do you crochet?

Do you have any other hobby outside of reading? I would love for you to share, I love trying new things!

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11 thoughts on “Crochet Talk | January 2020

    1. When I first tried years ago I was AWFUL! I tried again a year or two ago and with keeping with it I have gotten a lot better. I have an IT puzzle sitting in a box for the same reason. I wish puzzles were smaller sometimes.

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    1. Thanks so much! Crochet was very difficult to learn, but when it finally clicked it clicked for me. I used to knit as well, now I just do this. I feel like I can make more types of things, like stuffed animals more easily in crochet. But, it took a ton of practice. Took me forever to understand a pattern. 😂

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  1. Ahhh I love it! I crochet all the time and make so many different things. I recently learned how to make amigurumi and I’m obsessed. Constantly looking for cool patterns to try out and always making something new. I enjoy it more than I enjoyed making blankets scarves and hats. Dont get me wrong I loved doing that too but I feel like I found my crochet nitche and now I want to learn how to create my own patterns

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  2. I also love to crochet! I wish I could read at the same time though (I tried and I can but it slows me right down!). I listen to audiobooks when I crochet which is great but sometimes I just want to read from an actual book too.


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