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Let’s Talk | Personal Reading Sprints with ASMR

Let's Talk

Hello and welcome to a bit of a different post. I have not don’t a discussion post in a long time and I felt like doing something a bit different since I have not really been reading as much as I normally do. Anyway, my last post Challenge | One Week Reading Before Bed I talked about how I did a reading challenge where I read every night before bed. Well, I felt like I should share something else as well.

For the past few years or so, I have really fallen in to love a specific type of ASMR video. I don’t mean the food eating, sand cutting, and stuff like that ASMR, I am talked about ASMR Ambience. I love ambience and background noise any time I doing something, I really don’t enjoy the silence. So, when I came across this genre of videos I was really excited. For me, this is great to fall asleep to, get stuff done, but also the perfect method to set up a reading sprint for myself.

A lot of the videos I watch are around an hour, for me this is the perfect amount of time for a reading sprint. Putting on one of these ASMR Ambience videos I know the amount of time I have for a task or in this case reading. Also, it is great when you can find one that fits the setting of your book, it really ads to the experience. Now, when I use these videos for a reading sprint I don’t need to keep track of the clock or get startled out of my book by an alarm.

While reading it is a great experience for me.  I don’t get distracted by sounds around my room or home. It also keeps those I live with away, they can hear I have these videos on and it is a signal at this point that I am busy.  These videos allow me to just focus on my book, which is the whole point of a reading sprint in my option. But, as I mentioned before it can even pull you more into reading if you can find one that can go with the world you are falling into.

When the video is done and my hour long sprint is over, as I said I am not startled out of my book. Things just go silent. For me this is a lot more beneficial to my reading experience. If I am in the middle of a sentence, page, or chapter. I can finish without having to rush to turn off an alarm that is getting louder and louder as I try to ignore it. These allow me to find a natural stopping place, which I always need to stop at. I can never stop reading in the middle because I will forget my spot.

Anyway, this is my experience and I thought I would share it. I feel like this has made a good impact on my personal reading habits and experience.

My Favorite ASMR Ambience Youtube Channels

Do you participate in reading sprints?

Do you listen to ASMR?

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | Personal Reading Sprints with ASMR

  1. When I am reading I usually listen to the sounds of the ocean mostly to drown out the tv because I can’t concentrate any other way. If my husband isn’t home I can read in the silence but since listening to the ocean sounds I always find myself missing them when I’m trying to read in silence. I too have to stop at the end of a chapter. I only stop in the middle of a sentence/page if I have no choice but you better believe as soon as I get to where I can read again I will at least finish off the chapter I was on.

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    1. The sound of water is very calming for sure. I love listening to that kind in the summer/spring. I end up missing the beaches too much in the winter if I listen to ocean sounds lol. I am glad to see I am not the only one who minds stopping in the middle.

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      1. I haven’t been to the beach very many times in my life so it doesn’t really make me miss it. Yeah I don’t see how people do it all of the time. It takes me forever to find where I stopped if I don’t stop at the end of a chapter.

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  2. Ooh I really like these videos as well!
    Sometimes I just can’t read in silence, but I also don’t want to put on music, then these are perfect!
    I often listen to ASMR Rooms!


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  3. I normally have the forest app going and have the noise they have on that going and it just goes silent when it’s done as well. I’ve found I love that more because I’m not startled by a loud sound when it’s all done. I’m definitely going to check out the ASMR for a larger variety.

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    1. I always forget I have the forest app on my phone. I mainly used it to lock myself out of my phone not for noise, I will have to give that a go one day. I hope you find something that you like if you give these videos a go.


  4. This is a great idea! I’ve never used ambience videos like these while reading so I’d like to try this! (The only exception is using the Star Trek ship noises while reading space opera which I guess is along the same lines!)

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  5. When I was doing a 2 part 24 hour reading challenge, there was a point where I was really struggling with focusing. Sitting in a different room and putting on those kind of videos definitely helped! I put on a Hufflepuff common room one

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