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Let’s Talk | My Christmas Outfit

Hello and welcome to a bit of a fashion post. Well, more like a picture of pajamas I am super excited about wearing Christmas Eve into Christmas. This year is very different for myself and my family because we are not all getting together like we normally do, but I am able to celebrate with my household, which is really nice. This year we are doing a “lazy” Christmas just like we did for Thanksgiving this year. That means, pajama time! Normally I have a very nice outfit for both days, but this year we decided to stay comfortable while we stay home. So, here are the PJs I am wearing this year.

The PJs I ended up picking up are from target and are a set called Women’s Henley Pajama Set – Stars Above™ in the color cream. The top is a regular T-shirt, but the bottoms are so soft!

The bottoms are a plush fabric that is prominently an off white color and it has what looks like water color pinecones and pine needle pattern. I always get PJs that are oversized so I am more comfortable, I am so glad that there is a nice little tie on the pants to make sure they stay secure.

The top, like I said, is a normal T-shirt fabric. The only difference it that it is long sleeved and has 5 buttons near the neckline. Also, I didn’t notice when I first picked them up, I tried to get a good picture, but there is shimmery flecks in the fabric as well. I really like this because it is festive, but subtle as well.

I hope you liked this little “fashion post”, I know it is not my normal, but it is always fun to give something else a try every now and again.

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