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Readathon Discussions | #24in48

Hello and welcome to a little post announcing my decision to take mark in the #24in48 this upcoming weekend that starts at midnight, 12:01ET. If you would like some more information from the source yourself you can find them at their website: and on their twitter: @24in48readathon. I just wanted a moment to share my TBR, which you can find below. I am mainly going to update on twitter, but I will post a wrap up when it is all said and done. Anyway, to anyone who is participating, I wish you the best of luck!

As you can see, I am planning on at least starting 4 books and hopefully finishing 3 of them. My priority is to finish up my buddy reading section for Good Omens with Lauren. Then I want to get to White Tears/Brown Scars next. After that I will see what I am feeling.

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