Current Reads and WIPs

Current WIPs and Reads | September 2022

Hello and welcome to a mid-month check in on my current reads and WIPs I am dedicating my time to. I already finished a few book, woohoo! But, I picked up a new read this weekend as well. While I am not reading luckily, I am working at a study pace, which makes me happy. As for making I have a few things on my needles, but one I am really focusing on. I hope you enjoy!

My Current Reads

Ghosts of Maine T.M. Gray, I just started reading this over the weekend so I don’t have too much to say. I am enjoying the way the book for a few reasons. The first being the formatting. It is perfect for picking up here and there in between all of my other obligations. The stories I have read so far have been enjoyable and I am excited to read more of these tales, especially since spooky ghost season is coming up soon. I love reading ghost stories this time of the year and the formatting mixed with the tone of these stories has been a perfect mixture for me. I can’t wait to continue reading it.

My Current WIPs

Color work yoke sweater hanging on a ladder next to a dresser with a plant on top.

I am currently working on my Alpenglow sweater. I am just about to separate for the sleeves, so good progress is being made. This is my first time doing color work, so I have been moving along very slowly, but now I am moving along. I am hoping to finish this sweater before the end of the month, but we shall see how much time I actually have to work on it. Things are looking promising though, so I am leaning towards being able to make thus goal.

What are you currently reading or working on?

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Sign off, thanks for reading!

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