Reading Challenges

Final 2022 Goal Check-In

Reading Goals

Read 6 non-fiction books, I have read a total of 7 non-fiction books, I did it! I was kinda worried about this one because I read a lot less than I normally do.

Read the International Booker Prize Shortlist, I have read 4 of the 6, so exactly the same as my last post…oops!

Get owned TBR under 15 books, as with my previous update my Owned TBR down to 12 books. I ended up picking up a few books that I was really interested in and some preorders came in. Thankfully I ended up meeting this goal!

Life Goals

See a new place, I ended up visiting about 4 new yarn shops this year. Not quite what I had in mind for this goal, but technically I did do it.

Teach myself something new, In my first post on the topic I talked about learning color work, cables, and bobbles in knitting. In addition to taking a genealogy research class.

Maker Goals

Knit a sweater, achieved for sure, I created 5 of them!

Knit 6 pairs of socks, I did it, I knit 6 pairs of socks this year! Plus they are getting a ton of use now that it is chilly. Wool socks really are just the best!

Crochet a sweater, as I said in my last update this one is not happening and I am totally alright with that. I ended up knitting 5 garments that I really love.

Create 10 things with my hands, as of writing this I am happy to share that I have made a total of 17 projects this year. I took on a lot of bigger projects this year so I wasn’t sure how it would work in the long run. I have created less, but I really am enjoying that I am making a lot more.

Goal Count

Completed: 7

Not Completed: 2

I have successfully achieved 7 of my 9 goals for this year. Overall, that is about 78%, not the best. To be fair though these are goals I made a year ago when I was into different things and had no idea what the year would bring. I am really proud of what I achieved this year.

Sign Off 2020
Sign off, thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Final 2022 Goal Check-In

  1. Well done. I think being proud of what you have achieved this year is far more important than whether you manage to tick goals off on a list. Completing 7 out of your 9 challenges sounds great to me.


  2. Well done Luna!! Completing 7/9 of your goals is amazing and as you said things change in the course of a year so be proud of what you did. I’m kind of avoiding looking at my goals because I know I didn’t complete many of them but I tried and that’s all that matters.


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