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My Christmas PJs

Hello and welcome to a bit of a silly post! A few years ago I decided to share my Christmas Eve outfit. You can find that old post here, Let’s Talk | My Christmas Outfit. I decided to do the same again because I thought it was lighthearted and I do love comfortable PJs!

Flannel two piece set with majority black and red colorways.

This year I ended up going on a few outlet websites and ended up coming across this set. This set is from Banana Republic Factory so they were very much discounted, can’t beat a good sale! As of right now there are still on the site you can find the top and the bottoms. Just so you know I don’t get anything from sharing these, I just figured if I am going to share them and talk about them I might as well share where you can get them.

I have never gotten any sleep ware from this company, but I have gotten a sweater in the past that quickly turned into a favorite because it was so soft so I felt pretty comfortable knowing the chances are they would be soft as well. I waited about a week and when I opened the bag I was truly delighted at how soft this set was. I am super excited to wear them, sip some hot cocoa and relax with my family.

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