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Monthly Intent & TBR | February 2023

Reading Plans

Since last month I ended up finish an entire book, I am going a little overboard with my TBR this month. I am planning on reading two books. I mean, it is only tow books, but to be fair it is a 50% increase from the month before. I am planning to read the sequel to the book I read last month, Ninth House, this one is called Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo. I only just finished the first book and I am so ready to jump into the second one. I am not looking forward to the wait for the third book though. The second book is a book I picked up in January when my boyfriend and I went for a walk around town and stopped at a local indie bookstore. That book is called Devil House by John Darnielle. I have not heard much about this book, but it seems to be a very intriguing horror/paranormal book.

Crochet & Knitting Plans

This month I am planning on finishing two of my ongoing projects. The first one I would love to finish it my third Oslo Hat – Mohair Edition by PetiteKnit (Website | Ravelry). My first attempt at this pattern I made it for myself, the second and third are gifts for others. I really would like to finish this one ASAP due to the fact they need a hat during these cold months. This one is also lends itself to being an out and about project for the most part so I am confident in being able to finish it. The second project I really want to finish this month is my Underwing Mitts by Erica Heusser (Etsy | Ravelry). I am starting the month out with a little bit of a head start. I am about halfway through my first mitt already and I only started working on them just about a week ago. I have not picked it up in the last few days, but I feel like I am going to be able to make a lot of progress since they are small and the colorwork is a lot of fun on this project. Plus, I really want to learn to do the duplicate stitch. This technique is used after the fact the decorate the moth on the mittens.

Random Goals

This month I would really love to go to a knitting centered event of some kind. I either would like to go to a knit night, try to find a new shop to check out or something along those lines. I feel like since it is going to start warming up after this month I want to get in all the yarnie goodness I can. Other than that I would really like to see a little bit of snow, not a lot. This past month I really wanted to watch the snow, but it didn’t snow a single flake! I would really like it if it snowed a tiny bit when I didn’t need to go anywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Intent & TBR | February 2023

  1. Ohh a knitting night sounds so good! I bet that would be nice, I imagine it like our paint nite where an instructor do a pattern & the class follows.

    Hopefully you have fun reading and get to read more this month xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you have an awesome month ahead of you.

      Knit Night generally is just a bunch of people coming together to knit usually. Every time I have attended everyone is working on something different, which usually leads to more patterns ending up on me to knit list. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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