Hello! My name is Luna and thank-you for stopping by for a visit. I assume you are reading this little blurb because you were a little curious as to who I am. For my entire life I have been surrounded by book.When I was younger I would go at least once a week to my local library, which I still frequent, and take part in reading challenges thanks to my mother. My love of reading helped me gain two degrees and read nearly 100 books a year.

If I had to describe myself in just a few words I would say:ย I am a proud Hufflepuff, avid daydreamer, and I always have a book on hand.

I always have a book on hand, it could be physical or digital. I would say that I read most genres. My shelves are filled with science fiction, general fiction, historical, historical fiction, non-fiction, comics, Y.A., poetry, horror and thrillers. If you have a recommendation I would love to hear it, I always love trying to read peoples favorite novels.

If you want a little insight into the books, series, and authors I enjoy the most here are a few in no particular order. Harry Potter, The Hobbit, LOTR, Fan Girl, The Jackaby Series, The Witches, Sherlock Holmes, Stephen King, The Wolf Wilder, The First Tycoon, ย Christopher Isherwood, and Donna Tartt,

*Posts do not represent my employer*

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog is so, so cute! I am almost finishing The Book Thief and I can definitely see why it is one of your favorites! I have really wanted to pick up All The Light We Can Not See for a while now…better get on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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