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More Than Books | Stranger Things & Unboxing

More Than Books

So here I come to you with another More than Books post where I am sharing more things I like outside the bookish community. I don’t know if you know, but I love binge watching TV shows and one I want to binge watch is Stranger Things. Well, I am also a big fan of TriwizardLetter over on etsy. Every other month they have a new letter that has a small print, stickers, and a bookmark with a theme. This month was Stranger Things! I took it as a sign, ordered Octobers letter and decided to watch an episode. Here are my thoughts on the show and what I got in my letter!


Triwizard Letter


My Thoughts on Stranger Things

The first thing I noticed was the cinematic look of the show. I really liked how they played with lighting and the overall way they shot the show. The angles and what they show and don’t show on screen was great. I also noticed that they really nailed the color scheme and overall look of the decade this took place in. They didn’t just place a few objects and the costumes had a few key things. They sets had details, the outfits were great and the hair styles were on point.

The second thing I noticed was the great acting, not just for kids actors, but over all true talent. I can see why many people really enjoy this show because you can have the best plot and script in the world, but if the acting is bad it will ruin it.

I love the storyline they went for, secret government project gone wrong. A great mixture of the horror I love and the science fiction.  I have always love watching horror and I think this was a great example of a horror that was not too over the top with gore which is the case with a lot of horror these days.

I will say after watching the first episode I will be continuing with the series and I am very expected that there are 2 seasons for me to binge watch in the near future.


Have you watched Stranger Things? Did you enjoy it or dislike it?


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Lists & Recommendations

#Blogoween | Horror Movie Recommendations



Saturday 13th: 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days
Throughout October I’ll be aiming to watch 31 horror movies and blogging about them. The number 2 there is because this will be a weekly feature I do where I look at the horror movies I watched that week.

So I am not watching 31 horror movies this month, but I thought it would be a fun time to share 3 of my favorite ones that I have watched and rewatched over the years. Some of these are considered classics and others not so much. But, to me they are a great example of a good horror. Some are based upon ghosts and others are more of a psychological another is both of these combined. I want to add, please pay attention to the ratings of these movies. If you are younger than the recommended age, get parent permission before watching. W


The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick

Image result for the shining movie cover

This is my all time favorite scary movie, even though I think the book is much better this movie was wonderful and it has all the things I look for in a scary movie. Ghosts, old hotels, and just the right amount of  “magic”. I have rewatched this movie many times over and it really is great. It is rated R, so make sure you are old enough to watch it.

Sleepy Hallow directed by Tim Burton

Image result for sleepy hollow movie cover

This is the first Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie I think I ever watched. I always heard about Sleepy Hallow as a legend living in the North East, but I didn’t really know the story behind it so when I watched this I really liked it. While this is an adaptation and there is a Civil War Sleepy Hallow Legend which I like a bit better. I still really love this movie it is creepy, Depp plays a very interesting man of science in a time where there is little, and the magic and ghosts are great. Once again this movie is rated R, so once again make sure you are old enough to watch it.

The Secret Window directed by David Koepp

Image result for the secret window

If you are looking for soemthign that will just mess up your mind and really question what humans can do, this is the scary movie for you. This is another one I watched and rewatched and even have bought a few times because I wore out the dvd. It is a thriller that gets a bit over the time at times, but it really is made really well. This one is rated PG-13, so 13 and older.


What is your favorite horror movie?


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