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My 2023 Goals

Reading Goals

Read 6 non-fiction books, I did this one last year and I really loved it and want to do it again.

Get owned TBR under 10 books, last year I was able to get my owned TBR under 15 books. I really want to continue that trend so I can really embrace my mood reading.

Life Goals

Try or do something new, I really enjoy challenging myself my going to new places or trying something that is a bit out of my comfort zone. I don’t have a specific ideas at this time, but I know I can think of something over the course of the year.

Track my spending better, I am by no means bad with money, but I really want to get in the habit of tracking my spending. Especially when it comes to my hobbies.

Maker Goals

Knit 6 pairs of socks, this is another goal I am stealing from last year that I really enjoyed. I love my hand knit socks so I want to add to my collection.

Knit and create more from my stash, as of writing this I have yarn and patterns ready to go for 34 projects. I would really love to get that number down quite a bit over the new year. The only additions I think I am going to allow is if I sign up for a class and my yarn subscription for sock yarn.

My goals this year are pretty straightforward and I think really simple. In doing this, I feel like I am setting myself up for success. They are specific enough that I am working towards something, but not strict enough where it will be overly difficult and I just become frustrated and give up. While goals are all about pushing yourself, they should also be realistic, reasonable, and doable with a bit of effort. At least in my opinion.

What are some goals you have for yourself in the upcoming year?

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How I Planned for Blogmas This Year

Hello and welcome to a post where I share how I prepared for Blogmasthis year! This year has been hard blogging wise because I have not done a ton of reading because I have invested my time in other hobbies, which I am not mad about. What I did read I loved, but I found it hard to share things on here when I was not reading. I then decided to start sharing my other interests and hobbies, which I have enjoyed. That being said, I knew last year I wanted to do the full 24 days of Blogmas, so I started preparing early!

Making a List

Very early in 2022 I decided to make a list of posts I could write to help with blogmas. Writing 24 posts in a month is a lot, I figured if I could do some of the brain storming ahead of time I was really going to be helping future me out a lot! So, I ended up writing up a list of about 30 post ideas to use for Blogmas.

Writing Ahead of Time

I know Summer is not the most festive time of the year, but that is when I started writing a majority of my blogmas posts. I like to be prepared and not being stressed out by deadlines and having to write a post a day is not something I would personally have fun doing. I most likely would have just said forget it for my well being. That being said, I wrote posts here and there over the Summer so I had a lot of the posts already written up and ready to go. Once done writing and I was happy with them I scheduled them ahead of time.

Using a Kanban Board

I have been a huge fan of these types of organizing boards for a really long time. How I set mine up is pretty straight forward. I write the steps down I use when writing a blog post; brain storming, write, picture, tags, schedule. Each post has their own sticky note or tab and they move through the board until the task is complete. I can easily see what I need to do and what stage everything is in. You can do these digitally or with something physical like a notebook or white board. I tend to use a notebook because it doesn’t rely on something working properly. I used this for each post I wrote for Blogmas to keep track of how many posts where done and how many more I needed to write and how close they are to being done.

My Thoughts

While I know that planning ideas is not a huge deal with Blogmas, I do feel like some people may think that writing ahead may not be in the spirit of Blogmas. I would like to counter that I have writing 24 posts themed around the holidays, books, winter, reflecting on the old year and looking at the new year. I am a planner by nature so I would have had all these in a notebook anyway. Plus, if I am writing so much in December, how would I have been able to read Blogmas posts by others? I think my favorite part of Blogmas is seeing what other people are reflecting upon, excited about, and just sharing their love of the season. I feel like if I am going to enjoy this aspect, I personally am going to have to do a bit of work ahead of time. Honestly, just do what is best for you. You know you better than everyone else and I think as long as you are getting into the spirit and having fun prep for Blogmas however you feel.

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Bullet Journal Jottings, Writing & More

BUJO | September 2022

Hello and welcome to my little home on the internet! Today I am sharing my BUJO spreads for the month of September. This month I felt a bit more inspired than I usual, so my bujo has a lot more detail than it has in previous months. I am really happy that I felt inspired because it ends up being so fun doodling and felt less like a chore that I needed to complete. Anyway, here is what I did!

Items Used

Calendar page and September 2022 Dashboard with mushroom doodles.

This months dashboard I ended up making an entire page a calendar and on the other side I doodled a bunch of mushrooms with the heading September 2022. I ended up picking mushrooms because in September where I live I tend to see a ton of them growing.

Habit tracker with mushroom doodle. Weekly Knitting Goals with four sections that look like notebook pages.

The next page I ended up adding a habit tracker, just to see if I would use it honestly. I am going to track taking my vitamins, 10,000 steps, yoga, reading, and making. I ended up continuing with the theme of the month and drew a giant mushroom to take up the rest of the space on the page. Now, the next page I am really proud of. I have my weekly Knitting goals, I honestly should have made it maker goals, but I know that for the future now. I ended up making room for 4 projects to work on and made the trackers look like notebook paper. It came out better than I expected so I am planning on doing it again because I have been enjoying it so much.

Monthly goals and Random Notes Spreads

These last two pages are ones that will get filled out as the month goes on for the most part. The one page is my monthly goals where I would like to read 4 books, I left the titles of the four books blank so I can read whatever I would like. The next two goals are knitting related where I would like to finish my current sweater WIP called Alpenglow and start another shawl called Pressed Flowers. I ended up doodling another mushroom towards the bottom of this page because while I like having goals for the month, I don’t like making goals just to fill up a page. The second page is just a space to keep random notes, it is usually where I write fun things I did or see so I remember it.

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Bullet Journal Jottings, Writing & More

Bullet Journal | February 2020

Bullet Journal

Hello and welcome to another bujo post! I know last week I shared my unboxing of the most recently Tombow VIP Club, Unboxing | Tombow VIP Club January 2020, sadly I already had my February spreads all set up already. But, I am planning to use all of those items in next months spreads and really try and add more color. This month I have gone really simple and to the point because I have so much going on, I don’t really want distractions. If I do need more spreads, I will add them at a later date. As for now, here is my February bujo!

So here is my dash page! The flower art was created by Shayda Campbell, I am really loving the floral lately and her stuff is all about bringing in the natural feelings. On the right I wanted a quote and I did some abstract art with some cut up black paper I had laying around. I decided to add a quote I came across online and add a little doodle.

Here is my must have spread, since I starting using this I have just fallen in love with it. I track the books I have read and when I have read them. I color code the blocks with the book.  It is a little hard to explain so I am going to add my January completed one below so you can see.

So, on the book tracker. page you can see on the right I have a book title highlighted in a particular color. I then block off a square or squares for the dates that I read that book. An example would be a Midsummers Night’s Dream in a light purple color. I look at the chart and I can see that I read it from the 12th to the 16th of January. On the right I have my tbr and then I add extra books if I read them.

Here is my super simple and the same as I have been weekly layouts. These were originally inspired by Elizabeth Turnbull months and months ago and they just work for me. In my eyes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. So I am keeping these the same.

I know this month is super short and simple, but like I said, I don’t really want to add to much this month because I have so much going on I don’t want to be distracted by anything. But, I am loving the ones I have created.

What bujo spread is your favorite?

What colors do you think I should start incorporating into my bujo?

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