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NaNoWriMo | My Survival Kit


For me I always hit a point in NaNoWriMo where I say, “Yeah, I can’t do this”. So I have developed a little survival box/kit over the years that I know helps me a lot.

  • A writing prompt book
  • My favorite tea – I only drink while I write
  • A candle – I only burn while I write
  • My favorite snack(s)
  • Slips of paper with inspiring quotes
  • Headphones
  • Story outline – I do a little prep in October
  • references for topics I will be mentioning in my story
  • A coloring book – because taking a break can be helpful.
  • Images that work with my story
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Here is a peak at one of the images I am using for my story I am using this year.

While this is not a definitive guide, these are things I keep close to me while writing during the month of November. Some may or may not help you, but I do hope that you find some inspiration.

What is in your emergency writing kit?

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