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#Blogoween | Top 5 Non-Horror Halloween Movies



Thursday 18th: Top 5 Non-Horror Halloween Movies
Which are your 5 favourite Halloween movies that aren’t horrors?

Nightmare Before Christmas

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This has always been one of my favorite Halloween/Christmas movies. I think I “borrowed” it from my friend for nearly 3 years and watched it at least 100 times. I say borrow because I would return it ever weekend and then ask to borrow it again. But, the amount that I had it I pretty much owned it at that point. It has wonderful animation, great songs, and can be creepy without being scary. Also, look at the cover of the movie, does the Pumpkin King not look epic?


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Halloweentown is a very interesting Disney movie. As you can see from the cover it comes across as lively and bubbly. There are bright colors and grandma is smiling bright as can be. While the town is just beautiful and those who like in halloween times are just as bright and fun. Bad things start to happen, this is a wonderful movie that will get you into the spirt and excited for the holiday.

Hocus Pocus

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I am pretty sure at this point Hocus Pocus is a cult classic. I mean you cannot enter into fall without hearing about the Sanderson Sisters. I really do enjoy this movie. I like that it starts with a tale from long in MA past. There is town folklore that was even created for this movie, which adds even more to the feeling of Halloween. I enjoy that there are times of humor, worry, and surprise. I also enjoy that there are more than just witches in this movie.

Tower of Terror

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While Tower of Terror is not traditionally a Halloween movie, I really like watching it this time of year. It has ghosts, creepy histories, and an abandoned hotel. There are missing individuals and a party that keeps reliving the past. It has ghost investigators, but also has some good humor and can be heartfelt as well. It is a great one to watch this time of year.

Corpse Bride

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This love story has amazing animation and a great atmosphere that is perfect for Halloween. It is dark and eerie. There are ghosts, talking corpses, and a few misunderstands. There is crime, murder, and a sad story. All of these aspects really make it something I gravitate towards this time of the year. Also, another bonus is the fact that it is set in the past. That always makes things more interesting to me.


What non-horror Halloween movie is your favorite?


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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith


An interesting twist on a beloved classic. A story with love, family, and misunderstanding. All that was missing was the zombies. Seth Grahame-Smith is a talented individual when it comes to mixing the world of Jane Austen with a monster zombie plague. He is very good at missing these two ideas together especially when he uses time appropriate ways of describing the zombies and the disease that creates them. He also takes the characters and enhances them appropriately for this twist and maintains their original selves.Now I am not going to describe the book here anymore than this because it is honestly the same plot and characters and Jane Austen’s just some brain eating dead monsters thrown in. I hope my wording does not come across at belittling the work of Grahame-Smith because I honestly found it extremely well done.

As the ending neared I felt the same anticipation and eagerness as I did with the original work. I gave this book a 5/5 stars, currently on goodreads it is rated at a 3.27 stars. So many viewed this as an average or slightly above average read. I say if you enjoyed the original work this is well worth the read. Additionally, if you found the classic a bit dull I would try this out. This take definitely adds a bit more adventure!

Favorite Quote:”Your balls Mr. Darcy?…They Belong to you Miss Bennet” When Elizabeth is trying to return a musket she borrowed to kill some zombies.

*Note the movie that is currently out is very different from the book. I preferred the book between the two. If you see the movie it is best to think of it as something separate.